Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well, here it is Thanksgiving. What a wonderful holiday that seems to be unique to America. I find it sad that we don't think of every day, or at least a few days a week as Thanksgiving. Forget the turkey and the trimmings (I'm fat enough, already) but how about the real get down on your knees kind of Thanksgiving and tell God how much you appreciate what He's done for you. When you look around you, if you really look around you, you will see a lot of people hurting. And the funny thing is you will see a lot of people hrting more than you. Try this; offer a kind word, a cup of coffee, a hand up of some sort from the dark place they are heading and you will discover two things.
1. You will feel a lot better aobut whatever it is that is plaguing you at the present time...and....
2. You will become that for which they are thankful.
Now, don't you feel better already? Go out and give it a try....go on...See you next time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wake up call

I try to refrain from politicizing this space, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult with each passing day. It's very hard to watch our nation being flushed down the drain by those in power and even harder to realize that so many believe that what is happening is for the good of the citizens of the United States. Is it the beginning of the end times? Perhaps. As a preacher, I try to tell my people not to focus on anything or anyone than Jesus, but also to be aware of the times in which you live. To do otherwise is foolish. This is breif, but a warning is now necessary. Wake up America.
I guess the final nail in the coffin for me was last week at Fort Hood. Shouldn't someone have seen that coming? Muslim radicalism is not a good thing. The koran is not a book of peace. It is filled with hate and disgust for everything but its own. That may sound a bit harsh, but that's how I see it. When compared with the bible, which truly is a book of peace, it is found to be a loathsome book that is at the least incendiary and at the worst, provocative and inflammatory.
In the interst of political correctness, those in charge are afraid to say anything bad about the "peaceful" Muslims. Wake up America, before it's too late.