Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Highway

With the engine of my Harley screaming loudly (I like it like that....loud pipes save lives) I rolled down highway 60, a definite back road, for 994 miles to visit my daughter and grandchlidren in Tyler, Texas. There are two things, (well there a whole bunch more) that can happen on the road. You can sit and just enjoy the ride or you can contemplate God as well as enjoy the ride. I chose to do the latter. Somewhere in New Mexico I

stopped to take some pictures of a beautiful array of clouds that had positioned themselves around a fantastic mountain in the not too far distance.

I shouted with glee and praised God for His mighty wonders. (Big bang indeed) and I rode on. Not too far from that I came upon the U.S. government's Very Large Array of radio telescopes. (It's where the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster was made) It is our governments attempt to discover sounds, contacts, etc. from aliens and extra terrestrial beings. A fantasmagoric waste of taxpayer dollars. (I took some pictures there as well)
As I contemplated the incredible contrast between God's beauty and man's inability to accept God on His terms, I decided to go with God. Now, I know that some who may read this will think, "Well he's just another religious nut." I used to go with the array of telescopes rather than the beauty of the array of clouds of the world, but as I began to question my own existence and why we are here, it all began to make sense. God gave us what we see as a gift. We could not, cannot, nor will we ever be able to create anything that can come even close to the beauty of His creation. If you aren't aware of HIm and what He did, do a little research on your own. But you have to be objective and look at every angle. Perhap it will make sense to you too. I hope so.
By the way, the visit with my daughter and grandchildren was great, but they sure keep it hot and muggy in Texas.