Saturday, March 29, 2008

A view of the lake...

I spent the past week in Page, Arizona next to beautiful Lake Powell. The rock cliffs that climbed out of the water toward the heavens are truly amazing. When I see things like this, I am reminded that the earth in which we live is just one beautiful place after another. (Even though this is a man made lake, God made the rocks and the surroundings....and oh yeah...the water) God is so good to have made such a wonder. I've lived in more than ten states and now reside in my favorite place of all, the glorious White Mountains of Arizona. I pray He never moves me, but if He should I will go, for I must continue to pray, "Not my will, Father, but yours."
I believe that if we can succeed in giving up our will for His in every facet of our life, we will capture true joy! When I can figure out how to post pictures, I will put some on this arena (if I can) I will post as often as possible, but sometimes it just isn't. So Bless you for reading, and I hope to leave some words with substance, not merely reflecting on a trip I's late and I must work in the morning.

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Joni said...

Army Guy,
Welcome to the world of blogging!

And thanks for stopping by my blog.

I have a great respect for the work of the Salvation Army.

God bless.