Friday, April 15, 2011

Letting Go

It's the middle of the night and I just can't sleep. I have so many things going on in my life and all I can do is bounce from one to another and hope I get some of them right. I'm leaving tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with 450 teenagers. I love youth councils (the Salvation Army name for this gathering of kids, some of whom know and have a relationship with the Lord and some who don't) Most come from difficult, to say the least, situations. Typical of Salvation Army youth. Poor, neglected, absent parents, who may be there physically but not involved with their kids for a million different reasons. To reach some of these kids is pretty tough. They have their walls built and they, without being aware of it, are headed toward a repeat of their parent's lives. (Aren't we all?)
I have been praying that God would use me to help facilitate a change so at least one or some, learn to make good decisions.
My disaster crew is feeding 250 firemen who are doing a weekend long wildland fire exercise. I really wanted to be involved with this, but can't be two places at once. I know my team can do it alone, I just can't let go. But this is not their first rodeo and they will do fine.
My first love is teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus, though and I won't be able to do that this weekend either. I'll be with those kids. My wife is not quite ready to preach yet after her cancer treatments, so I am letting a lady who is quite capable, preach in my stead. It's her first time in many years. (She was once a Salvation Army officer) but hasn't stood behind a pulpit for quite a while. But God has put her in a place to be the one who can shine His light in our little Outpost this weekend. I know she will do well too!
I have also been tossing and turning all night wondering what I have forgotten for our motorcycle rally at the end of May. If anyone has any tips for letting go of things, please let me know. I'm not a worrier, and I try not to be a micro-manager, but why tonight??? Well, I just don't know.
So I will depart tomorrow morning on my motorcycle for a 5 hour journey across the beautiful state of Arizona and let those things I cannot be present for physically be taken care of by the One who is really in charge. What a great life I have.
Thanks for being a shoulder.

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Joni said...

Letting go is definitely one of the areas where I struggle most. This morning, I just got to it. I told myself, "Do the things you can do. Put the rest in God's hands." Now every time one of those "in God's hands" subjects tries to come back and worry me, I simply pray this prayer, "Jesus, I trust in You." It doesn't always work, but it helps.

Another suggestion given to me by a priest...If you have a cross in your home, write down all the things that are worrying/weighing on you. Place that piece of paper beneath, behind, under that cross...symbolically giving them to Christ.