Friday, June 26, 2009

Being a survivor

I find myself preparing for something I hope never happens. That's so sad. I've been praying intensely for America. Then I suddenly came to the realization that no matter what happens, it is all in the hands of God. (I guess that wasn't such a sudden revelation) I will continue praying, but I am concerned for those who are not ready for any contingency. We must get ready for whatever happens. Stock up on food if you can. Be ready for anything. Be a survivor.
Yesterday, one of my parishoners, an 84 year young lady was preparing to move back to Oklahoma and when she was getting ready to leave she became quite ill and was hospitalized. Her little sister (76 years) was stuck alone and afraid so my wife went to comfort her and I went to the hospital. Well family is coming to take little sister back home and it she's unable to fly, one of our church fellas and myself will drive her back home. She kept weeping, saying, "I just want to go home". In my business that can mean something quite different. Anyway she wants to go fishing in Oklahoma one more time. It's in the hands of God. I'll help if I can, and she's getting ready to go home....either way. She's a survivor.
We all need to prepare spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally for everything that comes our way, and putting preparation off won't make difficult circumstances dissipate. In fact, that will worsen the situation. I work in disasters all the time. We call those who make it through a disaster survivors, while those who don't are called victims. Don't be a victim, don't play a victim. Be a survivor.
Preparing spiritually is the easiest as far as preparation but is the one thing that gets ignored the most. We wait until we're neck deep in the flood and then cry out to God. Would have been a good idea to perhaps get yourself ready beforehand. And preparing spiritually will certainly help the other three fall in line. Be a survivor

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