Friday, June 26, 2009

On Backing up

Well, it seems I am getting oh so forgetful, but I think its more just relying too heavily on electronic gizmos and computers to do my remembering. I put everything in Microsoft Outlook so I can remember appointments, I make notes on paper and lose them, ....Oh the confusion. I need to learn to back up all files, paper, electronic and mental. (not sure how to do all that yet) Were it not for an occasional ride on the motorcycle, all brain cells would have shrunken to a horribly tiny size and refused to fire at all. Yes the bike is good.
Life is moving at an incredibly quick pace. The last year has been dominated by a youth center, (which finally is on the verge of opening) We hooked the computers up last night. The cable internet will be hooked up today. I'm torn about allowing kids to utilize these computers for facebook, twitter, etc. I am told that if oyu want the kids to come, you must. But I am of the mindset that they can "twitter" & "Tweet" at the library or home. I really want these to be used for research. I think they'll come anyway. I hope so, anyway. Guess we'll see.
We received a grant to help families with children aged 1-5 yrs with food, diapers, etc. I'm excited about it, but I think it's a bit of a huge project. I hope we can find some volunteers to help.
I passed a big milestone this past week. My youngest daughter was married on Father's day...and I got to perform the ceremony! It was truly wonderful. She married a young man from Italy and most of his family was present. Lots of hugging and kissing going on. Beautiful people enjoying a wonderful time. Aubriana Rose Hope I have always considered my smartest daughter, until she chose to have an outdoor wedding in Phoenix in June. At least it was in the evening. It was only about 90-95 degrees by then. Anyway it was all good. They are now on their honeymoon and basking in one another's love. I hope she learns to speak Italian.
Weddings are funny, but remind us (especially parents) that life is a moving target that must also be backed up by memories created along the way, and by the love we can show one another when things are good and when things are tough. Everyone has tough times at sometime and we can never depend on all things being good all the know...for better OR worse. I gave the beaming couple a book called "Love and Respect" by Emerson Eggerichs. I think it's the definitive book on relationships and explains so well what is needed to make a marriage successful. It's for new AND old marriages. Well gotta go back up some files now....

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